Relations between Türkiye and Azerbaijan

On 9 November 1991, Türkiye became the first state to recognize the Republic of Azerbaijan, which declared its independence on 30 August 1991. The diplomatic relations were established on 14 January 1992 and the Consulate General in Baku was upgraded to Embassy level. Türkiye has also two Consulates General in Nakhchivan and in Ganja while Azerbaijan is represented by its Embassy in Ankara and two Consulates General in Istanbul and Kars.

Türkiye’s relations with Azerbaijan is multifaceted and at strategic level. Frequent high level contacts are the main driving force of bilateral relations. It became a tradition that, high level officials visit each other’s countries immediately after assuming the office or in the wake of developments with symbolic importance.

With the aim of further strengthening bilateral relations, the High Level Strategic Cooperation Council (HLSC) mechanism was established in 2010 at the Presidential level. Moreover, with the Şuşa Declaration, which was signed on the occasion of the visit of our President to Azerbaijan on 15th of June 2021, our will to elevate our relations to the level of alliance has been recorded. The Şuşa Declaration was approved by Parliaments of both countries on 1st and 3rd of February and entered into force.

Trilateral and quadrilateral mechanisms, established together with Azerbaijan are important platforms contributing to regional stability, peace and prosperity.

Constituting the only land connection between Türkiye and Azerbaijan, the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic is of great importance for Türkiye’s relations with Azerbaijan, being our direct contact point with Azerbaijani people.

Türkiye, in the aftermath of 44 days long Second Karabakh War, which was resulted in the liberation of Karabakh, hopes for the signing of a peace agreement and establishment of good neighbourly relations between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Furthermore, Türkiye supports initiatives aimed at improvement of infrastructure, increasing of prosperity, activation of energy and trade routes and strengthening of regional connectivity in Karabakh