Relations between Türkiye and the Russian Federation

Relations between Türkiye and the Russian Federation rest on a rich historical heritage. New opportunities and perspectives for cooperation emerged after the end of the Cold War. Following a rapid development of economic cooperation in the 1990’s, bilateral relations entered a new phase in early 2000’s with the close dialogue between the leaderships of the two countries, and attained an institutional character with the establishment of the High Level Cooperation Council (HLCC) in 2010.

Turkish-Russian relations, which followed a course of cooperation in bilateral context, faced a serious test as a result of military activities related to the Syrian crisis. However, in line with the mutual desire of Turkish and Russian peoples, a normalization process was launched. In this context, an intense bilateral political dialogue has been re-established since the second half of 2016.

Economic and trade relations constitute the driving force behind Turkish-Russian relations. Russia, has been one of the most important trade partners of Türkiye. Trade volume between two states has reached 26,309 billion USD in 2019, with Türkiye’s 3,854 billion USD worth of exports and 22,454 billion USD imports. Total number of 1972 projects with a total value of over 75,7 billion dollars have been realized so far by the Turkish contractors in Russia, while reciprocal investments have reached 10 billion dollars each.

Energy constitutes one of the most important elements of relations between Türkiye and Russia. With TurkStream and Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant projects, cooperation in the field of energy is being carried further with Russia, which is among our leading energy suppliers. TurkStream Natural Gas Pipeline has been inaugurated on 8 January 2020.

Cooperation in the field of tourism between Türkiye and Russia constitutes another important aspect of bilateral relations. With more than 7 million Russian tourists in 2019, a new record was broken. Russian tourists are the first among the tourists visiting Türkiye in recent years.

Türkiye has an Embassy in Moscow, Consulates-General in St. Petersburg, Kazan and Novorossisk and an Honorary Consulate in Ekaterinburg. The Russian Federation has an Embassy in Ankara, Consulates-General in Istanbul, Antalya and Trabzon, and an Honorary Consulate in İzmir.