Relations between Türkiye and South Korea

Political relations between Türkiye and the Republic of Korea (South Korea) were established on 11 August 1949, with Türkiye’s recognition of South Korea as an independent state. Türkiye’s participation in the Korean War created a special bond between the two nations.

According to South Korean sources, among the 16 nations participated in the Korean War, Türkiye is in the fourth place in terms of personnel contribution (21.212), suffered the third most losses (966) and total casualties (2.365) including the wounded soldiers and POWs. The UN Memorial Cemetery in Busan/Korea honors 462 our martyrs. South Koreans refer to Turkish people as their "blood brothers".

During the Korean War, the Turkish Brigade was the only military unit that built a school for the Korean orphans.

Diplomatic ties were established in 1957. Bilateral relations were upgraded to the Strategic Partnership level in 2012 and continue to develop steadily with frequent high-level visits.

Türkiye and South Korea also enjoy close cooperation at international organizations, especially at the UN and the G-20. MIKTA, established in 2013, is another multilateral platform where the two countries cooperate.

Parliamentary Friendship Groups have been established in both countries’ National Assemblies.

President Erdoğan paid a visit to Korea on 1-3 May 2018.

Park Byeong-seug, Speaker of the National Assembly of South Korea, visited Türkiye on 16-18 August 2021.

Foreign Minister Çavuşoğlu visited Korea on 21-24 October 2021.