Relations between Türkiye and Morocco

Türkiye and Morocco are strongly bound together by deep-rooted historical and brotherly ties and share common traditions. There is a mutual will between Türkiye and Morocco regarding further strengthening bilateral relations in every field.

Diplomatic relations between Türkiye and Morocco were established on 17 April 1956 by a joint declaration of the Governments of two countries following the proclamation of independence of the Kingdom of Morocco. Türkiye considers Morocco as an important country in the Mediterranean region and in North Africa.

Türkiye and Morocco have always maintained friendly relations and are cooperating on many regional and international issues. Türkiye attaches importance to its bilateral relations with Morocco and is willing to further strengthen those relations in every field. The signing of the Agreement for establishing High Level Strategic Council between our countries in 2013 is a reflection of this understanding. The first meeting of this Strategic Council is planned to be organized in Türkiye in the upcoming period.

The visit of the Prime Minister of Türkiye to Morocco on 3-4 June 2013 deepened the relations between the two countries. Within the framework of the Joint Declaration on the Establishment of the High Level Strategic Cooperation Council (YDSK) signed during this visit, it was agreed that YDSK will be implemented on a high-level visit from Morocco to our country.

There are Parliamentary friendships groups in both countries. Members of the Moroccan Parliamentary Friendship Group paid a visit to Türkiye between 23-27 May 2016. Türkiye-Morocco Parliamentary Friendship Group of the Grand Turkish National Assembly paid an official visit to Morocco between 17-22 April 2018.

Türkiye and Morocco enjoy strong economic relations. Following the Free Trade Agreement promulgated in 2006, our bilateral trade relations with Morocco gained momentum and the trade volume between the two countries exceeded 2,7 billion US Dollars in 2018.

Lastly, the number of Turkish firms winning infrastructure tenders in Morocco has increased in recent years. There are currently about 160 Turkish firms operating in Morocco. Our companies are mainly engaged in sectors like contracting and construction, wholesale and retail trade, textiles, furniture, iron and steel, carpets, food and ready-made clothing. Recently, our investments in textile, personal care and cleaning sectors have increased. The share of Turkish contracting firms in the works they undertake in Morocco, the operating rights of the various economic and commercial companies they acquired and the projects they undertook reached to 4.1 billion USD. As a result of these investments, approximately 8,000 Moroccans are employed by Turkish companies.