QA-7, 28 March 2013, Statement of the Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey in Response to a Question Regarding the News in Media Claiming that Many Syrians Were Forced to Go Back to Their Country As A Result of the Events Taking Place in Akçakale Tent City, where the Syrians under Temporary Protection Reside, on 27 March 2013

Turkey provides temporary protection to more than 35.000 Syrians in Akçakale Tent-City.

On 27 March 2013, a group consisting of approximately 200 people attacked security forces with rocks in the tent-city in question, without voicing any complaint or demand. The security forces took the necessary measures to bring the incident to an end.

Furthermore, Syrians who were not involved in the incident reacted strongly to this group as they disturbed the peace.

The security forces identified those involved in this provocation with cameras. As the prosecution proceedings were about to start, a group of 130 perpetrators, fearing from the reaction of other Syrians and possible judicial outcomes, expressed their wish to use their right to " voluntary repatriation” and returned to Syria after necessary procedures were duly completed.

News alleging that the group was deported to Syria does not reflect the reality.

In accordance with the principles of “open door” and “non-refoulement”, as required by the status of temporary protection, Turkey does not turn away Syrians desiring to enter Her territory and does not forcefully repatriate those already in it.