QA-25, 1 September 2014, Statement of the Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Response to a Question Regarding the Declaration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Libya concerning the Statement of the President of Turkey Delivered During an Interview to a Television Channel Regarding Libya

Turkey, as one of the leading countries supporting the 17 February Revolution, has provided every kind of support to the brotherly people of Libya in order to preserve the achievements of the revolution and to build a stable, peaceful and prosperous future in the country. Turkey, in this process, has not made any discrimination between the Governments or the institutions playing a role in the administration in the transition period.

Our statements with a view to putting an end to the bloodshed in Libya, building an environment of peaceful dialogue and initiating a process in which all segments of the society actively participate, as well as our attitude which always gives priority to the will of the people are known by the public.

Turkey also supports the call of the United Nations Security Council, adopted a few days ago (27 August 2014) with the resolution no. 2174, on the House of Representatives and Constitution Drafting Committee to continue their works in a comprehensive manner, and on all parties to initiate a constructive political dialogue.

That being the case, suspecting the sincerity and feelings toward the brotherly Libyan people of the President of Turkey, who is one of the first visitors to Libya after the Revolution and whose endless support to the people of Libya is beyond doubt, and daring to distort and to question his expressions, does an injustice in the slightest sense of the word and is unacceptable.

Turkey will continue to provide all kinds of support to the brotherly people Libya in order to help them overcome the painful process they are going through as soon as possible and to the Parliament in Libya to reach an environment of peace, stability and tranquility in which it can carry out its activities at the Capital in safety and security.