QA-23, 9 May 2017, Statement of the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Hüseyin Müftüoğlu, in response to a question regarding the decision taken after the administrative investigation on the opening of a banner calling for an attempt against the life of President Erdoğan at the demonstration in Switzerland on 25 March 2017.

It will be recalled that at the demonstration jointly organized by the PKK terrorist organization and the Swiss Social Democratic Party on 25 March, a banner that called for the attempt against the life of President Erdoğan was opened.

Following this disturbing development, two investigations, one administrative and one criminal, were initiated in Switzerland.

It is understood that the decision which is subject to the news on the media which read that “no charges will be pressed against the organizers of the demonstration”, is actually about the decision taken at the end of the administrative investigation.

Despite the fact that the legal consequences of an administrative investigation have less weight in comparison to those of a criminal one, we were astonished and felt regret that a conclusion was reached at this administrative investigation that confirms the organizers' fullfillment of their obligation.

It is clear that this decision will have an impact for the recurrance of similar crimes and encourage the criminals. Indeed, we have lastly seen the dire reflection of the encouragement of crimes once again in the attack against our Consulate General in Zurich due to the fact that the main criminal investigation did progress slowly despite our insistent initiatives.

In this regard, we once again emphasize our expectation that the criminal investigation be immediately completed and that the criminals are punished accordingly, as well as the fact that the prevention of the repetition of such inacceptable acts which call for attempting the life of the President of another country, has utmost importance in terms of ensuring rule of law and prevention of violence.