QA-22, 19 August 2014, Statement of the Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Response to a Question Regarding the News in Israeli Press Claiming That an Infrastructure of Hamas Targeting to Overthrow the Palestinian National Unity Government in the West Bank has been revealed and This Infrastructure is led by some Hamas Members in Turkey

Turkey is one of the leading countries supporting the Palestinian reconciliation process. In this context, Turkey welcomed and supported the Palestinian National Unity Government formed on 2 June.

We consider the Palestinian National Unity Government as an indispensable factor both for peace and prosperity of the Palestinian people and for a just and lasting settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Turkey’s strong support to the Palestinian President His Excellency Mr. Abbas and to the National Unity Government is well-known by the Palestinian government and Palestinian people.

It is out of question that Turkey, in any way, tolerates the initiatives aiming at overthrowing the Palestinian National Unity Government. We strongly reject and condemn such slandering. As in the past, Turkey will resolutely continue its close contacts and strong cooperation with the Palestinian government.