QA-16, 9 July 2013, Statement of the Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey in Response to a Question Regarding the Allegations in the Media about the Turkish Embassy in Cairo.

Some news and comments appeared in the Turkish media related to the assessments and activities allegedly carried out by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Turkish Embassy in Cairo regarding the 2011 Tahrir Revolution in Egypt and the current situation.

All the information and the assessments received from the Turkish Embassy in Cairo are kept in our State Archive.

The allegations implying that there is external access to the information which is part of the confidential communication of the Government are completely unsubstantiated and baseless.

It is not clear whom and what purpose these allegations serve. They are however, to say the least, greatly unjust and disrespectful to our Ambassador and the members of our Embassy, who devotedly carry out their duties under very difficult circumstances and continuously provide a flow of accurate and reliable information to Ankara.