QA-11, 14 June 2013, Answer of the Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey to a Question Regarding the Regime’s Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria

The regime's brutal war against its own people in Syria has gained a new dimension by the allegations of use of chemical weapons. These allegations which caused great concern in the international community have been rigorously investigated by various countries, including Turkey.

A recent statement released by the United States in this regard confirmed that the allegations of use of chemical weapons by the regime had been verified without any grain of doubt. This conclusion overlaps with the findings possessed by the Turkish authorities.

The war carried out by the regime by engaging all kinds of heavy weapons against its own people, including fighter aircraft and ballistic missiles, has taken tens of thousands of lives so far.

This time, disclosure of its usage of chemical weapons reveals clearly the threat that this regime poses to the world peace as well as its cruelty and mercilessness.

The war waged by the regime by means of using chemical weapons is a crime committed against humanity. The barbarian practices of the regime bring grief to the Syrian people and drive Syria into darkness day by day. The international community should unite against this atrocity and make its position unequivocally clear . Attacks of the regime should immediately be stopped and the democratic transformation process should be initiated in accordance with the legitimate demands and will of the Syrian people as soon as possible.

Turkey will continue to stand by the friendly and brotherly people of Syria and render its support in accordance with these purposes.