QA-39, 18 December 2009, Statement of the Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey in Response to a Question
It is with dismay that we have learned the adoption of a bill by the Fairfield Municipal Council in Sydney, on 15 December 2009, allowing the erecting of an “Assyrian Genocide Monument” that includes allegations against Turkey.

The adoption of such a bill, based on the distortion of historical facts and groundless allegations is in contradiction with the essence of the relations and friendship between Turkey and Australia. These relations are based on historical bonds established since the First World War and Gallipoli.

We condemn the adoption of such a baseless bill by a local legislative body on a matter that has got nothing to do with its mission and competence. This body’s primary duty is to serve, without any discrimination, the people who live within its area of responsibility.

We hope that the municipal councilors, who took this decision, would be aware of the harm that they are causing to the multicultural nature of the Australian society as well as the indignation felt among the Australians of Turkish descent.

As it has been stated on various instances and supported by our concrete proposals, controversial periods of history should be evaluated by historians. In this regard, reaching historical truths, through an objective approach with scientific methods and documents is solely within the competence of historians.