Promotion of Türkiye Abroad

Cultural promotional activities on Cultural Diplomacy on an international scale play an important role with regard to the image of a country and her prestige, as well as the effectiveness of the foreign policy she desires to pursue.

It is important to put promotional activities into a strategic framework so that they could be used flexibly as effective foreign policy instruments and to work in coordination and collaboration with all relevant institutions and organizations. Cultural promotion is an inseparable part of foreign policy and should therefore follow its priorities. Success in promotion depends on adopting an approach based on long-term planning, a global perspective, diligent implementation and strong coordination among the partners.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has therefore been given by Law the mandate of implementing and coordinating foreign policy, carrying out relations with foreign countries and international organizations, ensuring the harmonization of foreign relations activities of other Ministries and institutions.

In this context, in order to address the actual demands of the cultural promotion of our country, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs collaborates with all relevant institutions and organizations, especially with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, non-governmental organizations, private sector, academic circles which perform promotional activities.

Türkiye has been a cradle and bridge for many civilizations, inherited traditions and cultures of earlier civilizations, created her own culture, contributed in this respect to other countries and peoples. It is natural for others to show an interest in this rich culture and attractive location. Awareness is the prerequisite of becoming interested. Today, Türkiye is one of the most preferred countries in the world by foreign visitors. As a matter of fact, promotional activities strive to facilitate communication, eradicate prejudices, provide accurate information, forge positive image and also to cultivate awareness. We believe that cultural relations strengthen mutual understanding among countries, create an appropriate platforms for joint action, forge novel networks thus play an essential role in achieving success in the exercise of public diplomacy.

Limited to tourism earlier, the scope and dimension of “promotion” today has taken a quite different form. The need for multi-dimensional promotion, covering a broad spectrum ranging from domestic politics to foreign policy, from economy and trade to culture, from social development and demographical movements to education, from tourism to cultural diversity and to richness of intellectual life, stems from the unique circumstances of our country, as well as from prevailing global conditions.

Millions of our citizens, kinsmen, as well as communities with affinity to Türkiye exist in other countries. Hence the cultural promotion of our country is directed not only at foreigners, but also at people of Turkish origin and such communities living abroad.

The focus of promotional activity is to introduce to the world, through various activities, the values, history, language, literature, archaeological assets, scientific achievements, art, architecture, cuisine, traditions, beliefs, role models, sports peculiar to our country. Our approach to this end is to utilize the universal language of culture and art and to carry out activities that will leave a lasting impression in the minds of people.

In this regard, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs collaborates with the relevant Turkish authorities and institutions in carrying out numerous cultural promotional activities which appeal to large numbers of people in other countries. Among these are exhibitions promoting our country’s cultural heritage, contributing to organizations of Week of Türkiye, Year of Türkiye events and festivals, taking part in festivals and cultural events, organizing conferences abroad on Turkish foreign policy, producing promotional documentaries and publications.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue to present the cultural accumulation of Türkiye as a richness to humanity.