Press Statement made by the Spokesperson of the MFA regarding Poos´ report on Cyprus´s membership application to the European Union and the State of Negaotiations No:157 - September 1, 2001

1.     The European Parliament Rapporteur on Cyprus Jacques Poos’ report on Cyprus’ membership application to the EU, which has to be taken up in the General Assembly of the European Parliament, has not surprised us both in terms of its content and aims, especially in its part with references to Turkey. The Luxemburg Deputy Mr. Poos is a person well-known for his special opposition towards Turkey and with his private connections with the Greek Cypriot Administration. Mr. Poos, as the Foreign Minister of Luxemburg at the EU Luxemburg Summit in 1997, had skillfully undertaken his functions of harming EU-Turkish relations and successfully carried out his task. In accordance with his well-known one-sided attitute towards the Cyprus issue, his report is full of negativeness and misconceptions, reflecting his personal inclinations.

2.     Mr. Poos is saying that “if Turkey annexes Northern Cyprus, she will have to forget about the EU membership”. By this, the possibility of a Turkish annexation of Northern Cyprus is being carried to the political agenda personally by himself, the rappourteur of the European parliament on Cyprus. This claim which refers to the eventuality of an annexation and its likely consequence of Turkey’s deprivaton from her EU membership, is a remarkable assertion that should be assessed by all.

Turkey’s thesis and expectation on Cyprus is a confederation to be formed with the agreement of both parties.

 3.     Rapporteur Mr. Poos’ approach to the Cyprus issue in this threatening manner and his attempt to criticize the Turkey’s EU National Program is an irresponsible attitude, which invalidates the good offices mission of the UN Secretary General, hinders and renders meaningless his efforts towards the realization of his mission which is currently under way.

 4.     Turkey has made it clear by all its statements before and after the announcement of its candidacy to the EU, that she does not and will not construe any linkage between her EU membership and the Cyprus issue. There is no change in Turkey’s stand in this respect.

 Turkey is seriously pursuing both her EU membership and search for a mutually acceptable solution to the Cyprus issue. A settlement in Cyprus is the most rational option which everybody should prefer and act accordingly. Turkey will continue to pursue this policy despite the efforts of those who think like Mr. Poos. It is our hope that the discussions in the European Parliament will contribute to a better understanding for a settlement in Cyprus.