Press Release Regarding UNFICYP Unofficial Translation June 16, 2001

UN Security Council has extended the mandate of the UN Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) for a further period of six months by its resolution no 1354 adopted on 15 June 2001. Neither the method applied during the adoption of the resolution nor the content of the resolution could be accepted.

The resolution was based on the consent of the "Government of Cyprus". As a matter of fact, since 1963, there have been no "Government of Cyprus" based on the partnership of two parties, representing whole of the Island. The operations of the UNFICYP in the North so far have been possible with the cooperation of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC).

The consent of the TRNC and Turkey, as a guarantor state, has not been sought for the resolution. Our views that a separate arrangement must be reached with the Turkish Cypriot authorities for the operations of the UNFICYP in the North was disregarded.By doing so, since June 2000, the UN Security Council left the operations of UNFICYP in the North in a legal vacuum, by not seeking the consent of all concerned parties for the resolutions concerning the mandate of UNFICYP. Accordingiy, a well established and accepted UN rule that the peacekeeping forces could only operate with the consent of the concerned parties, has been violated.

Resolution no 1354 is also in contradiction with the statement of the UN Secretary General of 12 September 2000 reaffirming that the two peoples in the Island are two politically equal parties not representing each other.

By serving to the aims of the Greek Cypriot Administration to label the Turkish Cypriot party as non-existent, this resolution will not be of benefit to anybody, on the contrary it is evident that it will be a new obstacle on the quest for settlement to the Cyprus issue.