Press Release Regarding The Strikes Conducted by the US and British aircraft Around Baghdad No:30 - February 17, 2001

The   strikes    conducted  by  the  US  and  British  aircraft  to  some   targets   around Baghdad  on   February  16th  is  a serious development.  We  regret  that  the  strikes  have caused civilian losses.

The incident has taken place in the No-Fly-Zone in southern Iraq. The Allied  aircraft at İncirlik have not been engaged in the operation.

The Turkish Embassy staff in Baghdad have not been affected by the strikes and  they continue to perform their duties as usual.

 We   maintain  contacts  with  the  US  Government  regarding  the  incident  and   the developments.

This  incident  has  once  again demonstrated the importance of  and  the  priority  for finding  an  early  solution  to the Iraqi problem, on the basis  of  the  UN  Security  Council Resolutions.  Therefore,  it is our  expectation  that  due care will be  shown  and  necessary efforts  will be deployed in order that a positive  conclusion is reached at the talks expected to  be  held  in  the  coming  days between the  Iraqi  Government  authorities  and  the  UN Secretary-General.