No: 29, 29 January 2020, Press Release Regarding the Ruling of the Belgian Supreme Court Concerning 36 PKK-linked Individuals and Legal Entities

The officials of the Belgian Federal Prosecution Office have notified that the Belgian Supreme Court has approved the validity of the ruling of the Belgian Chamber of Accusation preventing the prosecution process following the investigation that was launched by the Federal Prosecutor of Belgium in 2010 regarding 36 PKK-linked individuals and legal entities. This is an explicit attempt to undermine the law.

This ruling, which exonerates a terrorist organization with ideological motives, is exemplary as it comes from a country that presumes to lecture Turkey on the rule of law.

This ruling of the Belgian judiciary means clear support to the PKK, a listed terrorist organization by the EU, which is responsible for the death of over 40 thousand Turkish citizens including civilians, children and even babies.

This ruling based on the understanding that “even if one massacres people in other countries, there is no problem as long as it keeps quiet in mine” is an example of hypocrisy; ignores the fact that terrorism poses threat to all nations and encourages other terrorist organizations.

The ruling that has been built on political criteria rather than legal ones and containing grave contradictions demonstrates that Belgian legislation is inconsistent with the acquis communautaires of the EU which Belgium hosts as a founding member. It has also revealed that Belgian legislation poses an obstacle for Belgium to fulfil its international obligations in relation to counterterrorism, primarily stemming from the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council.

We urge Belgian government to take all necessary steps to correct this desperate and contradictory ruling and to continue countering the PKK terrorist organization in an increasing manner.

It is obvious that not only the PKK but also other terrorist organizations such as DAESH, which ruthlessly aimed Belgian people in the past, will exploit this irresponsible ruling. Therefore, we expect all responsible stakeholders to condemn this kind of attempts aiming to weaken international counterterrorism efforts.

Standing on the right side of the history under all circumstances, Turkey will continue its fight against all forms of terrorism, which is one of biggest threats to humanity, both legally and through effective measures on the ground until the eradication of terrorist organizations.