No:184 - 17 October 2008, Press Release Regarding the UN Security Council Elections for the Term 2009-2010 (Unofficial Translation)

Turkey has been elected to the UN Security Council for the term 2009-2010 at the elections held today in the UN General Assembly.

Turkey announced her candidature on 23 July 2003 for a non-permanent seat in the Council allocated to the Western European and Other States Group. In addition to Turkey, Austria and Iceland declared their candidatures for two vacant seats in the Group. Austria has won the second seat in the elections.

While Turkey has not served in the Security Council since 1961, she has been assuming important responsibilities not only in her immediate vicinity, but also in regions far away from her borders. She has been contributing directly or indirectly to the resolution of international issues and extending humanitarian and technical assistance in response to disasters and crises around the world. Turkey’s election to the UN Security Council is a result of her multifaceted initiatives and increasing role in international relations. It is also an indication of the international community’s confidence in Turkey.

In the Security Council, which has primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security, Turkey will support the UN reform process, contribute to the peaceful resolution of conflicts, continue to play a facilitating role in regional issues, strive to achieve the targets for development and endeavour to sustain the dialogue between civilizations and cultures, in cooperation with all countries. Building upon her strong diplomatic tradition and experience in international relations, Turkey will carry out this task for the next two years with the necessary care, sensitivity and responsibility, in adherence to the principles and aims enshrined in the UN Charter.

We therefore sincerely thank the UN General Assembly and the international community for deeming Turkey to be worthy of this task.