No:178, 31 July 2011, Press Release Regarding the Recent Developments in Syria

The social developments taking place in our neighbor Syria for the last couple of months have been followed very closely and patiently by Turkey along with the international community.

Turkey had been expecting and patiently waiting for the realization of the pledged reforms aiming to meet the just and legitimate aspirations of the brotherly Syrian people within the shortest time, as well as finding a solution to the issue through dialogue and peaceful methods. 

Turkey, throughout this process, has mobilized all resources at its disposal in order to keep close contact with the Syrian administration, to address the needs of our Syrian brothers and to provide its constructive contributions to the reform process in all means.

However, we see with deep regret that violence and loss of lives have increasingly been the case. Along with the continuing operations in Homs, Deirezzor and Daraa, we have learned that many have been killed and wounded in the operations launched this morning against the residents of Hama who have refrained from violence from the outset and strived to engage in dialogue with the administration.  

Turkey had expected efforts to be exerted towards creating an atmosphere of peace and tranquility in the holy month of Ramadan, and is deeply disappointed and saddened by these developments on the eve of holy Ramadan as rest of the Islamic world.

These operations do not contribute to the restoration of order in Syria, but hamper the process of needed reforms. These kind of operations and violence do not achieve solutions, but rather create a deadlock. It is time for the Syrian administration to see this reality. 

The current developments raise suspicions regarding the intention and sincerity of the Syrian administration to resolve the issue through peaceful methods. 

Turkey reiterates its call upon the Syrian government to end the operations and resort to political methods, dialogue and peaceful initiatives in order to reach a solution.