No:165, 11 July 2011, Press Release Regarding the 16th Anniversary of the Srebrenica Genocide

We share deeply the grief of the families of the victims of the Srebrenica genocide committed in 1995, and condemn once again strongly this heinous crime against humanity that was resulted with the murder of more than 8.000 of our Bosniak brothers.

We believe that the international community and the countries of the region will draw necessary lessons from the atrocities committed in Srebrenica and will make every effort and take necessary measures to prevent the repetition of such grief and destruction caused throughout history by extreme nationalism and ethnic hatred.

We gladly observe and appreciate the recent efforts in the Balkans for peace and reconciliation led by the savvy leaders of the region. We think that the way to ensure lasting peace and stability in the region passes through ceasing the hostilities of the past and building a more prosperous common future all together with joint wisdom.

Turkey attaches particular importance and priority to the Balkans in its foreign policy, and strongly supports the independence, territorial integrity and sovereignty of Bosnia-Herzegovina, which we consider as the heart for the stability of the region.