No:144, 10 June 2011, Press Release Regarding the Turkey’s Position on a new term-in-office for the UN Secretary-General

The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, has announced on 6 June 2011 his wish to continue serving as Secretary-General during a second term. Through a letter he sent the same day to our President, the Secretary-General requested Turkey’s support in this regard.

In his reply, His Excellency the President emphasized how closely Turkey follows the questions on the United Nations’ agenda and how directly involved it is in most of these questions, and, in view of the goodwill, dedication and professionalism he has displayed throughout his tenure, indicated we would gladly support him for a second term at the helm of the United Nations Secretariat.

Our position to this effect has also been expressed by our Permanent Representative to the United Nations during the Western and Others Group’s meeting held with the Secretary-General’s participation on 7 June 2011.