No: 98, 27 March 2014, Press Release Regarding the Illegal Exposure of Certain Audio Records with Regard to the Tomb of Süleymanşah Memorial Outpost

Today (27 March), audio recordings of a crisis management meeting which was held with the participation of government officials who are first degree responsible on matters of national security to evaluate, in general, risks and threats caused by the conflict in Syria towards Turkey, discuss the measures to be taken against these threats and, in this context, to deal with the threats against the Tomb of Suleyman Şah Memorial Outpost, which is a part of Turkish national territory, have been broadcast on the social media over the internet while some parts were doctored.

Making assessments among the relevant institutions in order to defend, when necessary, a part of a national territory which is under the threat of certain terrorist groups is a regular practice, being one of the primary tasks of the State. At this meeting, Turkey’s determination in defending the Tomb of Süleyman Şah Memorial Outpost in case of any attack and its resolve to take the necessary steps when needed, to protect the Tomb of Süleyman Şah Memorial Outpost and its personnel and to ensure their safety have been reaffirmed.

Monitoring such a meeting of a highly confidential nature which was held at a location such as the office of the Foreign Minister, where the most sensitive security issues of the State are discussed and releasing these conversations to the public are a despicable attack, an act of espionage and a very serious crime against the national security of Turkey. This incident reveals the extent the threats of cyber and electronic attacks that Turkey encounters. The networks of treason which are committing these attacks are the enemies of our State and nation.

It will be ensured that the perpetrators of this attack against the security of our State and our nation will be identified and revealed as soon as possible, and that they will be brought to justice and sentenced with the heaviest penalty they deserve by law. This heinous attack targeting the Republic of Turkey will certainly be failed.