No: 41, 10 February 2014, Press Release Regarding the Attack Against an UN Aid Convoy in the Homs Region in Syria

We view with utmost indignation and strongly condemn the armed attack on February 8, 2014 by the regime forces against an UN aid convoy which arrived in the Homs region in Syria just after the announcement that a UN-mediated agreement was reached for the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the old city of Homs.

It has not been surprising that the regime has intensified its attacks targeting Homs by disregarding the ceasefire that is necessary for delivering humanitarian assistance safely to the civilian population and in this vein, has once again not fulfilled its commitments to the international community, particularly the UN, and its obligations arising from international law.

This attack constitutes a challenge to the international community just before the start of the second round of talks in Geneva on 10 February 2014. By perpetrating this attack, the regime has shown once again how far it stands from a political transition process and a peaceful solution. The shooting of aid convoys, the slaughtering of civilians with barrel bombs, the practice of ethnic cleansing have reaffirmed that the regime has no intention of giving up committing the most serious crimes against humanity and carrying out merciless persecutions.

It is unacceptable and inexplicable to remain indifferent to this attitude displayed by the regime, making a mockery of the international community and universal values, as well as its condemning the people of Syria to starvation, thirst and epidemics. We call on the UN Security Council to take strong, compelling and resolute steps that would alleviate the sufferings emanating from the humanitarian disaster in Syria without delay.