No: 349, 19 October 2021, Press Release Regarding the Summoning of the Ambassadors of 10 Countries to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Following a Joint Statement on an Ongoing Legal Case

A group of Ambassadors, who released a joint statement last night in violation of diplomatic customs, regarding an ongoing legal case, have been summoned this morning to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It was conveyed to the Ambassadors/chargé d'affaires of these countries that the impertinent statement via social media regarding a legal proceeding conducted by independent judiciary was unacceptable, that the statement attempting to politicize judicial proceedings and put pressure on Turkish judiciary was rejected, and that the statement was also against the rule of law, democracy and independence of the judiciary, as allegedly defended by the Ambassadors.

It was emphasized that, as stated in our Constitution, Turkey is a democratic country governed by the rule of law that respects human rights, and it was reminded that the Turkish judiciary will not be influenced by such irresponsible statements.

It was pointed out that those who ignore the judgements of the European Court of Human Rights against some countries that are unimplemented for many years, are fixating solely on cases involving Turkey and are constantly and persistently trying to keep in particular the judgment regarding Osman Kavala on the agenda. It was underscored that this is an insincere and double standard approach. The Ambassadors/chargé d'affaires were warned to act within the scope of their responsibilities originating from their duties in line with the Vienna Convention.