No: 341, 24 December 2013, Press Release Regarding the Airstrikes Carried out by the Regime Forces Against Aleppo

We strongly condemn the airstrikes carried out against the city of Aleppo by the Assad regime for almost one week by using barrel bombs and targeting everyone without discrimination. These practices which resulted in the death of many innocent people, including women and children, while inflicting large-scale material damage by destroying the historic fabric of the city are inhumane. These strikes against its own population and cities demonstrate the ruthlessness as well as the weakness of the Syrian regime.

These developments that continue to unfold even at a period when efforts towards finding a political solution to the ongoing conflict have intensified, reveal how persistent the regime is on relying on methods of violence rather than seeking a political solution based on the legitimate demands of the people.

We call upon the international community to display its reaction in every field against these unacceptable events and the countries which are close to the Syrian regime to warn the regime to stop its such inhumane attacks.