No: 334, 17 December 2013, Press Release Regarding the Terrorist Attacks Perpetrated in Iraq yesterday (16 December)

We have learned with great sadness that more than a hundred people were killed and over two hundred were injured in the terrorist attacks perpetrated yesterday (16 December) in various provinces of Iraq.

We strongly condemn these heinous terrorist attacks which target the unity of the Iraqi people by aiming to create a conflict between ethnic, religious and sectarian groups, wish God’s mercy upon our brothers and sisters who lost their lives in these attacks, express our condolences and wish patience to their relatives as well as to the people of Iraq and wish speedy recovery for the wounded.

Our pain is deepened by the fact that these terrorist acts have also targeted our Iraqi brothers and sisters fulfilling their religious obligations before the Arba'een, whereas thirteen Turkmen, mostly women and children, have also been killed in Mosul on their way to Karbala for this purpose. Turkey condemns all terrorist acts in Iraq, regardless of their targets or perpetrators.

On this occasion, we call on all political leaders in Iraq, especially the government authorities, to urgently take meaningful steps with a view to to stopping the bloodshed, reducing the tension, establishing security, peace and stability in the country. We also emphasize that Turkey will always stand by its Iraqi brothers in their efforts to this end.

As always, our country is also ready to provide assistance to our Iraqi brothers and sisters who have been wounded in these henious attacks.