No: 313, 19 December 2015, Press Release Regarding the Bashiqa/Zelikan Training Camp

As a committed member of the global coalition against DAESH, Turkey is ready to cooperate with Iraq to more closely coordinate joint efforts to defeat and destroy the terrorist group DAESH. Turkey reiterates its support for Iraq’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and acknowledges the miscommunication with the Government of Iraq over the recent deployments of Turkish protection forces to support training activities for Iraqi forces in their campaign against DAESH in northern Iraq.

Turkey, in recognition of the Iraqi concerns and in accordance with the requirements of the fight against DAESH, is continuing to move military forces from Ninewa province that were the source of the miscommunication.

Turkey will continue to coordinate with the Government of Iraq its military contributions to the fight against DAESH. Turkey reaffirms its commitment to deepen cooperation with the Global Coalition to Counter DAESH.