No: 311, 24 November 2013, Press Release concerning the agreement on Iran’s nuclear program reached in Geneva

We welcome the positive outcome of the negotiation process held with P5+1 countries in Geneva regarding Iran’s nuclear program after three rounds of negotiations. In this framework, we congratulate Iran and the P5+1 countries for their constructive efforts in the process.

The agreement reached today between the parties constitutes the first concrete positive development concerning Iran’s nuclear program since the Tehran Declaration of 2010. This agreement constitutes the initial step and a confidence building measure.

We call on the parties to continue their constructive approaches aiming at furthering the process. We hope the parties take the necessary steps agreed on at this stage, so that a durable solution to the issue is found in a mutually acceptable manner through diplomacy. Turkey, having made every effort until today to keep the process alive will stand ready to provide all support as necessary.

Turkey continues to support the right to peaceful use of nuclear energy emanating from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) under the condition that the obligations provided therein are fulfilled. Moreover, Turkey will also continue its support towards the establishment of a zone free from all weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East.