No: 300, 26 November 2020, Press Release Regarding the Resolution Adopted by the French Senate on 25 November 2020 on Nagorno-Karabakh

The resolution adopted yesterday by the French Senate on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is a telling example of disregarding the most basic principles of international law, legitimacy and justness for the sake of domestic policy considerations. We completely reject the baseless allegations made concerning Turkey in the resolution. This decision of the French Senate clearly shows why the efforts of the OSCE Minsk Group driven by its Co-Chairs who were supposed to be impartial, have not been able to resolve the problem to this day, and is a testament to how biased they have been.

Upon the aggression and provocations of Armenia, first in Tovuz and later in Nagorno- Karabakh, Azerbaijan appropriately responded and restored its territorial integrity by liberating its lands that were under occupation for nearly 30 years.

The relevant UN resolutions dictate the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of the Armenian forces from the occupied Azerbaijani territories. The result achieved by Azerbaijan in the field is, in fact, a solid manifestation of its rights stipulated in the UN resolutions and registered yet undelivered by the Minsk process co-chaired by France as well.

In this context, the French Senate's call for Azerbaijan to withdraw from its own territory which it liberated from occupation reflects a mindset too ridiculous, biased and unrealistic to be taken seriously. This decision, devoid of common sense, and unexplainable by any reasonable justification, limits France’s ability to provide any genuine contribution to the solution of the problem.

As another reflection of the recent obsession with Turkey frequently observed in France, this decision, which the French Government will surely find aspects that are unacceptable, is not surprising, but worrying. For the sake of our relations, it is fundamental for France to perceive, objectively and without prejudice, Turkey’s principled stance in siding itself with what is right, lawful and legitimate, and to refrain from gravely erroneous references to history or to matters that are not relevant.

In light of the current stage reached in the Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict which had dragged on nearly 30 years, we hope that France will draw the right conclusions and adopt a constructive stance for the stability of the region. For this, it will suffice to work for a lasting solution in line with international law by taking into account the current realities.

Turkey is ready to work together with France, like all its other partners, to bring about a sustainable solution to this problem that exists in its immediate vicinity, in a manner that will serve regional peace and stability.