No: 298, 28 November 2015, Press Release Regarding the IMO Council Elections

The elections for the Council of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) were held during the 29th Session of the IMO Assembly in London, on 27 November 2015. Turkey, standing as a candidate once again, was re-elected to the Council receiving 137 votes from the 154 member states that casted valid votes.

Having been a candidate for the first time in 1999, Turkey has been elected in all biennial Council elections since then. Turkey’s re-election in the last elections has strengthened its already strong position in the Council, the executive organ of the IMO, which is the specialized agency of the UN responsible for the maritime safety and security and the protection of the marine environment.

Through its IMO Council membership and with her resources and capabilities as well as knowledge and experience in the maritime field, Turkey will continue to contribute to the work of the IMO and the advancement of IMO objectives to which she fully subscribes.

Moreover, Turkey will host the World Maritime Day Parallel Event in 2016, which is organized by a different member state every year under a theme determined by the IMO. This will constitute an opportunity to enhance Turkey’s visibility in international maritime field.