No: 296, 25 November 2016, Press Release Regarding the Latest Developments in Rakhine State

We are deeply concerned at recent escalation of tensions and civilian causalities in the incidents that took place in the aftermath of the attacks targeted security forces and resulted in the death of nine police officers in the northern Rakhine State of Myanmar last month.

We strongly condemn all acts of violence targeting innocent people. We call on all parties to act with prudence so that violence should not lead into new ethnic and religious motivated conflicts. We appeal to international community to take action and to Myanmar authorities for maximum cooperation with international organisations to prevent further civilian causalities.

We are ready to provide any support for efforts to bring about normalization in the region, including allowing independent observers to investigate alleged human rights abuses and in particular elimination of impediments to humanitarian assistance.

Deputy Foreign Minister Ambassador Ahmet Yıldız raised this issue at the extraordinary meeting of the Islamic Cooperation Organization held in Jeddah on 17 November 2016 and noted our expectation from the OIC Contact Group to follow up the issue.