No: 291, 4 November 2013, Press Release Regarding the Trial of the Ousted President of Egypt, Mr. Mohammed Mursi

Egypt's elected President Mohammed Mursi appeared in court for the first time today.

In the framework our principled stance regarding the developments in Egypt, we believe that the release of all political prisoners, including elected President Mursi, will contribute significantly to the emergence and sound implementation of the dialogue and reconciliation process in that country.

Turkey has always stood by the principle of legitimacy and supported without any discrimination governments that are based on legitimacy and reflect the will of the people.

In this context, Turkey considers that it is indispensable to take steps on the basis of democratic principles and constitutional legitimacy to enable an inclusive political process on which all parties agree to function in order to ensure not only peace and serenity in friendly and brotherly Egypt, but also lasting stability in our region.