No: 234, 25 September 2016, Press Release Regarding the Treatment of 60 Members of KRG Security Forces Injured in the Fight Against DAESH

In August, the authorities of KRG called for aid from the diplomatic missions in Erbil for the members of the KRG security forces who sustained severe injuries in the fight against DAESH and who lack the necessary treatment capacity in Iraq.

Within the framework of the significance attached by Turkey to its relations with KRG as well as to the fight against DAESH, KRG’s call has been answered in the affirmative.

Within this context, 60 members of the KRG security forces injured in the fight against DAESH were brought to Turkey with their attendants. The injured began to be treated in public hospitals in Ankara. Transportation and treatment expenses of the injured are fully covered by Turkey.

In line with our intense fight against all kinds of terrorism and with our efforts to achieve peace and security in our region, our cooperation with the international and regional actors in both military and humanitarian fields will continue unabatedly.