No: 220, 31 July 2015, Press Release Regarding the Statement of the Iraqi Government about Turkey’s Operations towards the PKK Targets

Turkey’s support to Iraq in its fight against the DEASH terror is for all to see. Our will towards this issue reinforced by the neighborly relations between the two countries is well known by the Iraqi officials, as well. Nevertheless, the negative attitude adopted by the Iraqi Government regarding the steps taken by Turkey within the framework of international of law towards the terrorist attacks faced by our country and the operations conducted by Turkey, in this context, against the PKK terrorist organization located within the borders of Iraq has caused disappointment.
Although the Iraqi Government emphasizes its commitment for not allowing any attack towards Turkey from the Iraqi territories, it is clear that this commitment has not been fulfilled and numerous armed PKK militants have continued to harbor in the Iraqi territory for years. Therefore it is not possible to comprehend or accept that those, who cannot fulfill their commitments, do not have the possibility to keep their borders under control, and one-third of whose territories are under the control of the terrorist organization, have taken a stance against Turkey in its fight against the PKK terrorist organization perpetrating armed attacks towards its citizens and security forces.