No: 18, 18 January 2012, Press Release Regarding the Rocket Attack Launched Against the Turkish Embassy in Baghdad

Today at 13:50 local time (12.50 Turkish local time) a rocket attack (RPG) was launched against our Embassy in Baghdad. One of the rockets hit the concrete blocks placed in front of our Embassy’s protective outer walls without causing any death or injury. It has been learned that the other rocket exploded in the car from where it was fired.

We strongly condemn this heinous attack perpetrated against our Embassy. Furthermore, we expect the Iraqi authorities to capture the perpetrators of the attack as soon as possible, bring them promptly to justice and take all the necessary security measures in order to decidedly prevent the recurrence of such attacks.

Necessary demarches have been made in this regard with the Iraqi authorities and it has been reminded with emphasis that ensuring the security of diplomatic missions is the host country’s obligation. The Iraqi authorities confirmed that they would take the necessary steps regarding the security of our Embassy in compliance with their responsibilities stemming from international law and adopt every measure to prevent the recurrence of such incidents.

Turkey will closely follow up on the measures to be taken by the host country to ensure the security of our diplomatic missions in Iraq.