No: 188, 19 August 2016, Press Release Regarding the World Humanitarian Day

August 19th was declared as the World Humanitarian Day by the United Nations General Assembly in memory of 22 humanitarian aid workers who lost their lives as a result of the bomb attack perpetrated against the UN Headquarters in Baghdad on 19 August 2003.

On the occasion of the World Humanitarian Day, Turkey reiterates its appreciation and gratitude to humanitarian aid workers who are serving diligently in different geographical areas to extend a helping hand to millions of people who are victims of humanitarian crisis and commemorates with respect those who have lost their lives in the course of their efforts.

Turkey strongly condemns all kinds of attacks against humanitarian aid workers and calls upon all parties to give due importance to the protection of humanitarian aid workers in view of the fact that the majority of the humanitarian crisis are conflict-driven.

The struggle against the humanitarian crises, which deprives millions of people of most fundamental facilities and whose sphere of influence enlarges day by day, has become one of the most crucial items of the global agenda. The World Humanitarian Day is also a significant occasion for raising awareness on this struggle and for confirming our solidarity in this respect as all humanity.

The first-ever World Humanitarian Summit, which was held on 23-24 May 2016 and hosted by Turkey that has come to the fore with its active role and become one of the major donor countries of the world in the field of humanitarian assistance, constituted a milestone in terms of revealing the principles of a full scale struggle against humanitarian crises. We hope that this struggle, which will be maintained in the light of the determination and the spirit of solidarity consolidated in Istanbul Summit with the participation of all stakeholders, will succeed for peace and welfare of millions of people.