No: 187, 1 July 2013, Press Release Regarding the Latest Developments in Syria

The regime in Syria , which at first tried to suppress the legitimate demands of the people through the use of weapons and violence and then declared an all-out war against the people by employing heavy weaponry, has been escalating its attacks day by day and moving them to an inhuman dimension.

Thus, in addition to the ballistic missiles, now the use of chemical weapons by the regime against the civilian population as well as the massacres committed with a middle age mentality that have reached the level of ethnic cleansing have already gone down in the history of mankind as a dark stain.

The regime in Syria is now targeting cities housing hundreds of thousands of people as a whole with the support of foreign militias in the country, Hezbollah in particular. After Qusair, Hama and Homs are under the regime’s heavy bombardment from ground and air. It is horrendous that a regime claiming to hold the power of government in Syria bombards its own cities in such a way. The likelihood of the regime to employ chemical weapons in these attacks as it did previously increases our concern and indignation.

Through these attacks, the regime renders meaningless the intensive efforts which have been exerted towards finding a peaceful settlement for the conflict in Syria. Unless these attacks come to an end and foreign militia forces fighting on the side of the regime leave Syria, it will not be possible to open up the way for a peaceful settlement.

The international community is responsible to protect the Syrian people from this regime the hands of which stained with blood. The conscientious and responsible members of the international community should take all necessary measures rapidly and in solidarity against this atrocity taking place before the eyes of the entire world.