No: 182, 12 August 2016, Press Release Regarding the Medical Treatment of the Turkmens Affected by the Chemical Weapon Attack of the DAESH Terrorist Organization Against Tazehurmatu District of Kirkuk

The Iraqi Turkmens injured in the attack of the DAESH terrorist organization, which had been perpetrated on 9 March 2016 in Tazehurmatu district of Kirkuk, and during which chemical agents had been reportedly used, were brought to Turkey in two separate groups totaling 105 persons and given medical treatment.

This time, 38 of our Iraqi Turkmen brothers were brought to Turkey last night (10 August) together with their 13 companions and taken to Polatlı State Hospital. The examination and medical treatment of our kinsmen were immediately initiated under the supervision of our specialists.

Turkey will continue to stand by the Iraqi Turkmens.