No: 172, 29 July 2016, Press Release Regarding the “Political Council” That the Houthis and General People's Congress Agreed to Establish in Yemen

In Yemen, the agreement on establishing the “Political Council” to rule the country by representatives of the Houthis and General People’s Congress on 28 July 2016 will clearly not contribute to the negotiations under the auspices of the United Nations aiming to peacefully achieve a lasting solution in Yemen.

Turkey does not recognize this illegitimate structure which constitutes the second major assault against the constitutional legitimacy in Yemen after the seizure of government through the “Revolutionary Committee” established by the “Constitutional Declaration” of 6 February 2015 by the Houthis.

Securing legitimate state authority throughout the country is essential for restoring the public order in Yemen. In this respect, it becomes more important that the international community should focus its efforts on supporting legitimacy.

We underline that our support for the legitimate government of Yemen will continue on their path to bring lasting peace, security and stability to the brotherly people of Yemen.