No: 159, 8 July 2011, Press Release Regarding the adoption of a new constitution in Morocco

We welcome the adoption of a new constitution in Morocco supported by a great majority of the people following the referendum held on 1 July 2011.

Through a full implementation of the new constitution which includes substantial improvements in the areas of human rights and fundamental freedoms and envisages new initiatives towards the independence of the judiciary and universal democratic values, we wish that the friendly and brotherly people of Morocco will obtain more modern living conditions.

As we have always emphasized, sustainable stability can only be obtained by providing serenity, happiness and welfare to the people and by meeting their legitimate demands and expectations. We believe that the remarkable steps taken by the Moroccan Administration towards reform will have positive echoes not only for Morocco, but also for the whole region.

Turkey is ready to provide every kind of support in its reform process to Morocco with whom she has close friendship and fraternity relations.