No: 158, 22 May 2014, Press Release Regarding Turkey’s Membership to the “Geneva Group”

Turkey was admitted as a full member of the "Geneva Group", comprising those countries which contribute more than one percent to the regular budget of the United Nations (UN).

The Geneva Group is an informal gathering of countries, which strive for the effective functioning of the UN and which share common views on financial and management issues.

In line with its increasing economic power and revenue, the contributions of Turkey to the UN regular budget has increased from 0.6% to 1.3% during the 2013-2015 period and consequently Turkey’s rank among the top contributors to the UN budget rose from 25th to 16th.

Turkey has been increasing its voluntary humanitarian and development assistance within the UN. Moreover, it has made significant contributions to the peace-keeping missions of the UN and is now among the leading countries in this respect. Considerable progress has been achieved towards the aim of transforming Istanbul into a city that shapes the international agenda as a UN center.

Turkey's admission to the “Geneva Group” as a full member is a welcome development, accomplished as a result of its continued, comprehensive and substantial contributions to the work of the United Nations, whose effectiveness is of great importance for Turkey.