No: 137, 19 June 2016, Press Release Regarding the World Refugee Day

Turkey indiscriminately keeps its doors open for the people, who escape from oppression and persecution, in line with its historical traditions, and enables them to live freely, far from fear and anxiety.

Today, Turkey continues to fulfil its duties to protect asylum-seekers leaving their countries due to various reasons and to realize its highly humanitarian ideal such as resolving refugee and migration issues throughout the world.

Since 2011, Turkey has been hosting more than 2,7 million Syrians who fled their countries. This figure rises to about 3 million with Iraqi and Afghani nationals.

Turkey has mobilised all its capabilities in order to ensure that the refugees live in conditions compatible with human dignity in our country.

As clearly shown by the Syrian humanitarian crisis, refugee and migration issues require responsibility and burden sharing. In this context, Turkey does its best in terms of protection and humanitarian assistance and calls the entire international community to act in this direction.

On the occasion of the World Refugee Day of 20 June, Turkey reiterates that it stands by the people in need escaping from the persecution over the world, and it will continue to provide any kind of support and solidarity to them in order to ensure that they get a decent life in the countries they live.