No: 123, 31 May 2016, Press Release Regarding the Airstrikes on a Hospital in Idlib

Yet another crime was added to the list of those committed by the regime and the Russian Federation in Syria, in the early hours of today. Over 60 civilians were killed in a series of airstrikes on Idlib National Hospital, Abrar Mosque and other civilian targets, reported to be carried out by the Russian Federation. The number of injured is estimated to reach 200.

We strongly condemn this appalling attack and wish God’s mercy upon the civilians killed and speedy recovery for the wounded.

It is clear that Russian Federation who claims to advocate a political solution and the Cessation of Hostilities agreement, is blatantly disregarding the very principles it purports to uphold.

We expect the international community to deliver on its commitments without further delay in the face of these crimes committed by the regime and the Russian Federation which cannot be justified vis-à-vis history and our collective conscience.