No: 106, 6 April 2014, Press Release Regarding the Developments in Kesab

Turkey has opened its doors without any discrimination to the people of Syria who are trying to escape from the unmatched violence and cruelty perpetrated by the regime to suppress the legitimate demands of the people for the last three years in Syria, and is now helping all civilians affected by the conflicts in Kessab and in its immediate vicinity.

Turkey, closely following the developments in Kessab with humanitarian considerations from the outset, has swiftly taken necessary measures to prevent civilian casualties and informed the United Nations accordingly. Since the beginning of the process, close cooperation is maintained with the Armenian Patriarchate and the Armenian Community in Turkey, in order to ensure the well-being of the Armenians in the Kessab region who may wish to come to our country.

In this vein, in addition to those who have come to Turkey since last week, 18 Syrian Armenians were admitted from the Yayladağı border crossing as of the evening of April 5 and settled alongside their kinsmen in Vakifli Village in Hatay under the monitoring of our local authorities and within the knowledge of the Armenian Patriarchate in Turkey. Measures have been taken in order to meet the basic needs of all our guests.