MIKTA (Mexico, Indonesia, Korea, Turkey and Australia)


MIKTA is an informal consultation and coordination platform among Mexico, Indonesia, Republic of Korea, Turkey and Australia. MIKTA was initiated by the Foreign Ministers of the MIKTA member countries on 25 September 2013 on the margins of the 68th UN General Assembly.

Since its launch, the main decision-making body of MIKTA remained as the MIKTA Foreign Ministers Meetings that take place three times a year.

MIKTA members are democracies that benefit from open economies with robust growth rates and a significant level of economic power. They are strategically located and strongly linked to their surrounding regions. MIKTA members are also like-minded on many of the global challenges of our time and are active contributors in international fora.

MIKTA aims at contributing constructive solutions to regional and global challenges as well as enhancing effectiveness of global governance. Therefore, MIKTA aims at strengthening its cooperation in order to raise its voice on global issues and gain influence within the international organisations. MIKTA countries also work to strengthen their economic and political ties

MIKTA activities are coordinated by the MIKTA Chair, which is appointed each year on a rotating basis. The chair works to promote MIKTA’s core priorities (see below) and to drive multilateral collaboration and outreach on these and on other topics that are the subject of a chair’s annual priority.

MIKTA Chairmanship for 2020 is assumed by Korea. The core priorities of Korea’s MIKTA Chairmanship are multilateralism, sustainable development, peace and security, MIKTA solidarity and networks.

MIKTA Chairmanship will be assumed by Australia in 2021.

MIKTA members have adopted seven enduring priorities that form the core of MIKTA’s mandate:

- Reform of international energy governance and the promotion of energy access

- Counter-terrorism and security

- Peacekeeping

- Trade and the economy

- Gender equality

- Good governance, human rights and democracy

- Sustainable development

Turkey and MIKTA

Turkey attaches special importance to undertaking an active role in international and regional platforms, including MIKTA. MIKTA provide its members with a real potential to contribute to a more effective global governance and to the necessary reforms in global structures. MIKTA can further contribute to develop constructive solutions to several regional and global problems. Therefore, Turkey strongly supports to strengthen cooperation among MIKTA countries and is committed to improve its bilateral relations with other MIKTA members.

Statement by the Republic of Korea on behalf of MIKTA at the High-Level Meeting to Commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations