Joint Declaration between the Republic of Turkey and the Russian Federation on Progress towards a New Stage in Relations and Further Deepening of Friendship and Multidimentional Partnership, Moscow, 13 February 2009

Unofficial Translation

Following the completion of official talks in Moscow between the President of the Republic of Turkey and the President of the Russian Federation,

Taking into consideration traditionally friendly and good-neighbourly relations between the two countries based on a solid foundation,

Referring to the “Friendship and Brotherhood Agreement Between the Turkish Grand National Assembly and the Government of the Russian Federal Socialist Republic”, dated 16 March 1921, which is one of the important documents displaying the reciprocal spirit of friendship and solidarity,

Taking into consideration the principles and goals set out in the Turkish-Russian documents including “The Treaty on the Principles of Relations Between the Republic of Turkey and the Russian Federation” dated 25 May 1992, “Action Plan Between the Republic of Turkey and the Russian Federation on Cooperation in Eurasia” dated 16 November 2001, “Joint Declaration Between the Republic of Turkey and the Russian Federation on Deepening Friendship and Multi-Dimentional Partnership” dated 6 December 2004,

Being faithful to the generally accepted principles and norms of international law, and to their responsibilities stated in the United Nations Charter and in other bilateral and multilateral treaties and agreements to which they are party,

Reiterating their States’ desire to support effective implementation of the common security measures foreseen at the UN Charter at global and regional level,

In line with their common will and desire to further enhance and strengthen Turkish-Russian relations and cooperation on the basis of mutual understanding and trust, they declare the following:

The Republic of Turkey and the Russian Federation, as two friendly and neighbouring countries, take note with satisfaction the important progress made in bilateral relations and cooperation towards multi-dimensional enhanced partnership, in line with the objectives stated in the Joint Declaration of 6 December 2004.

The Parties, take also note with satisfaction the increase in the number of contacts and visits particularly at the level of Heads of State, Prime Ministers and Ministers, the holding of regular consultations between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs on bilateral, regional and international issues, as well as the growing number of contacts and consultations between other state authorities and emphasize the importance of maintaining this increasing momentum.

The Republic of Turkey and the Russian Federation indicate that, it is necessary to make regular visits and consultations at the level of Speakers of Parliament and Friendship Groups, with the understanding of revitalizing parliamentary relations in congruence with the advanced level of their bilateral relations, and declare their will for encouraging the parliaments of both countries accordingly.

The Parties state that, bilateral relations and cooperation between the Republic of Turkey and the Russian Federation serve the interests of both countries and contribute considerably to peace, security, stability and development throughout the vast Eurasian geography as well as at the international level, and declare that their joint efforts towards this target will be preserved in the forthcoming period.

The Parties take note with satisfaction that their approaches and policies on many regional and international issues and problems have similarities, and in this context, reaffirm their determination to further strengthen current consultation mechanisms, as well as to develop efficient cooperation at the United Nations and at other multilateral fora.

The Parties, aiming at the further improvement of the comprehensive and indivisible security system in the Euro-Atlantic area and taking into account the contribution of all institutions working in the field of European security, support the continuation of the dialogue initiated with all partners. The Parties will take part in the comprehensive preliminary talks which will be held over the ideas and proposals put forward in this context, including the relevant initiatives of both States.

The Republic of Turkey and the Russian Federation declare that they will consider with good will, on the basis of reciprocity, each other’s candidatures at the elections to be held at the UN, the OSCE, the Council of Europe and other international organisations. 

The Parties reaffirm their resolve to jointly combat, within the framework of existing bilateral and multilateral agreements and conventions, terrorism which poses new threats to international peace and security, crossborder organized crimes including smuggling, the trafficking of illicitly produced goods, narcotics and arms, human trafficking and illegal immigration. The Parties support greater effectiveness at the global and regional levels for the collective security system envisaged in the UN Charter, and with a view to reaching the goals stipulated in the UN Millennium Declaration, the preparation of a comprehensive counter-strategy against the new risks and threats of the 21st century under the aegis of the United Nations. To this end, the Parties reaffirm their will to cooperate in the UN as well as within the context of other international and regional platforms dealing with issues relating to other threats to global security such as combating terrorism, non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, human trafficking, illegal immigration etc.

The Parties condemn all kinds and forms of terrorism; emphasize the importance of strengthening common efforts in the field of combating terrorism. The Republic of Turkey and the Russian Federation declare their satisfaction over recent developments in their relations and cooperation in the field of security.

The Republic of Turkey and the Russian Federation, with a view to bringing the existing cooperation in the security field to a higher level, and referring to the previously signed documents, Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation on Combating Terrorism signed between the Republic of Turkey and the Russian Federation on 18 December 1996 and lastly the Memorandum of Understanding of the Fourth Meeting of the Joint Working Group on Combating Transnational Organized Crime and Terrorism, dated 14 March 2007, express their determination on consolidating the legal basis in this area.

The Republic of Turkey and the Russian Federation express their satisfaction for the continuation of the rapid development and deepening of the bilateral commercial-economic relations, and confirming the positive effect of multidimensional, comprehensive and stable commercial-economic relations on overall bilateral relations, state that they will continue to encourage and support in this direction.

The Parties underline the importance of encouraging free movement of capital, goods and services originating from the two countries, harmonizing of the two countries’ economic infrastructures, and the development and enforcement of bilateral and regional joint policies in the fields of transportation and customs.

In this respect, the Parties declare their will to put into force, as soon as possible, legal regulations providing free movement of capital, goods and services originating from the two countries.

The Parties, noting their satisfaction for the progress achieved in line with the aim to increase bilateral trade volume, as stated in the Joint Declaration of 6 December 2004, confirm their intention to exert efforts in order to reach common solutions for sustaining and diversifying the bilateral trade in a more balanced way avoiding technical and nontariff barriers. The Parties underline the importance and efficacy of solving any kind of problems which could arise in the bilateral trade, first and foremost through negotiations at technical level.

The Parties express their satisfaction for the growth in mutual investments and contracting services and their determination to sustain and encourage this process including also participation in privatization tenders.

The Parties confirm their determination to develop further the successful cooperation in contracting services achieved so far, also in the framework of the projects to be realized within the context of the preparation for 2014 Sochi Winter Games preparations.

The Parties declare their support to the projects for improving land, sea and railway transportation. In this framework, the Parties emphasize the significance of taking concrete steps regarding the liberalization of bilateral TIR transportation and of improving bilateral trade and services by establishing logistics centres in the two countries.

The Parties confirm the importance of regular convening of the Intergovernmental Joint Economic Commission (JEC), established with the aim to promote commercial and economic relations, along with its working groups; as well as the transportation, energy, agriculture, customs and other economic and decision-making platforms, including especially the meetings of the MFA General Directors on interregional cooperation and the activities of the Joint Commission for Land Transportation.

The Parties express their satisfaction for the implementation and ferry transportation project between Samsun (Republic of Turkey) and Kavkaz (Russian Federation) ports. The Parties believe that this project will further develop Turkish-Russian trade and provide integration of both countries’ transportation systems on the basis of mutual interest.

The Parties, with reference to the important role of the private sector and its contribution in the commercial and economic fields, support the process of simplifying and speeding up the visa formalities for businessmen as well as facilitating contacts among business circles, chambers of trade and industry, businessmen’s associations and unions, and underline the importance of intensifying efforts in this respect.

The Parties express their appreciation and support for the work of the Turkish-Russian and Russian-Turkish Business Councils.

Considering the positive effects of the development of interregional cooperation in economic, commercial, cultural, humanitarian and other fields in the bilateral relations, the Parties encourage the endeavours in this respect.
Within the context of the Blue Stream Project which became operational in 2003, the Republic of Turkey and the Russian Federation reaffirm that the energy occupies a strategically significant place in the Turkish-Russian relations and that there is a potential for furthering the cooperation in this field. The Parties support the development as well as diversification of current relations and cooperation through concrete projects among relevant authorities/institutions in every aspect of the energy sector .

The Parties consider the cooperation in the nuclear energy field an important component of their commercial and economic relations. They also reaffirm their readiness to further develop the legal and technical basis of this cooperation. The Turkish side welcomes the Russian companies’ interest in the nuclear energy projects.

The Parties note with satisfaction the progress achieved in the tourism sector, and considering its contributions to the rapprochement of the two countries’ peoples and development of economic relations, declare that they will make efforts to further improve cooperation, and also to promote investments in this field. The Parties confirm their intention to further already existing close cooperation within the World Tourism Organization.

The Parties emphasize the special importance they attach at the fruitful work of the Turkish-Russian Intergovernmental Joint Commission for Cooperation in Military, Technical and Defence Industry, and at enhancing bilateral cooperation in the field of military, technical and defence industry in line with common interests. The Parties note that, solving pending issues within the context of military-technical cooperation between the two countries, will pave the way for further cooperation in this field.

The Republic of Turkey and the Russian Federation emphasize that the existing cooperation in social, cultural, educational, scientific and technological fields and mass media, sports and youth should be developed further with a view to consolidating mutual confidence and solidarity between the two countries and to enable the peoples of the two countries to get better acquainted with each other and respective cultures.

The Parties confirm their will to spend efforts for the signing, as quickly as possible, of “The Cooperation Program Between the Republic of Turkey and the Russian Federation in the Fields of Education, Science, Culture, Youth and Sports”, which was prepared with a view to bringing momentum to the cooperation in the abovementioned fields.

The Parties declare that they are fully satisfied with the successful realization of Russian Culture Year in Turkey in 2007 and Turkish Culture Year in Russia in 2008, which contributed significantly to the consolidation of the cultural interaction between the peoples of the two countries, and they state that they support the realization of similar activities in the forthcoming years.

Taking into consideration the need arising from the increasing Russian population in Turkey and Turkish population in Russia, The Parties decided to intensify the cooperation between the Ministries of National Education in order to facilitate education of Turkish and Russian children in each other’s countries through mutual concrete steps.

The Parties state that, in line with the economic, commercial and cultural relations developing between the two countries, they will undertake necessary efforts with respect to the establishment of cultural centers, which will lay the ground for further cooperation in these fields.

The Parties state that, with reference to the Joint Declaration of 6 December 2004 which stipulates reciprocal facilitation and expedition of visa procedures with a view to enhancing human contacts, they will continue their efforts to facilitate and encourage reciprocal visits of Turkish and Russian citizens.

Considering the fact that the history of Turkish-Russian relations dating back to 500 years is the common heritage of both peoples and constitutes the solid foundations of the existing friendly relations and partnership between the two countries, both parties will take the necessary precautions for the preservation and accessibility of their respective national monuments located in each other’s countries, which constitute the historical, cultural and spiritual heritage of each party. Within this context, both Parties will provide assistance reciprocally to build new military cemeteries and to restore the existing ones in their respective countries.

The Parties, convinced that Turkish-Russian relations and cooperation serve the interests of both countries and also contribute to peace, security, stability and development of Eurasia, take note with satisfaction the activities of the High Level Joint Group established on 16 November 2001, for carrying out activities within the context of “Action Plan for Cooperation in Eurasia between the Republic of Turkey and the Russian Federation”.

The Parties state their determination for continuation of the activities efficiently of the High Level Joint Group, including realization of concrete projects within the context of cooperation in economic and trade fields.

The Parties, with the understanding that security and stability in the Eurasian geography is directly related with the stability in the South Caucasus region, agree on the necessity to take effective measures for resolving frozen conflicts that constitute potential destabilizing elements in the South Caucasus. In this regard, the Parties consider the Caucasus Stability and Cooperation Platform, that was proposed by the Republic of Turkey as a constructive initiative that would be complementary to existing international mechanisms and that would help overcome lack of confidence that they observe that exits among the countries that are parties to the frozen conflicts.

The Parties confirm their desire to further develop the potentials of export and transit, as well as of the hydro-carbon reserves in the Black Sea region. The Parties state that they will hold consultations for studying the opportunities to improve the cooperation based on mutual interests, on the principles of economic suitability, protection of environment and fight against terrorism. The Parties also confirm their support for the transportation routes in Eurasia.

The Republic of Turkey and the Russian Federation declare that the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization (BSEC) contributes significantly to the regional economic cooperation and hence the stability and security of the Region. The two sides, declare their common will to make joint efforts in order to utilize utmost the possibilities for cooperation, with a view to increase the efficiency of BSEC which is the main multilateral cooperation platform in the Black Sea Region.

Both Parties reaffirm the importance of the participation of the Black Sea littoral states in all activities to maintain the security of the Black Sea maritime domain, including combating against possible new assymetric threats and/or risks, within the framework of the Black Sea Naval Cooperation Task Group (BLACKSEAFOR), Operation Black Sea Harmony (OBSH), Confidence and Security Building Measures in the Naval Field in the Black Sea and other potential arrangements to strengthen and enhance the cooperation among littoral states. In this context, both parties extend their full support to the Black Sea Defence Ministerial.

Bearing in mind the strategic importance of the Black Sea region, both Parties expressed their satisfaction for sharing the common views on protection of the security and stability of the region as well as the fight against risks and/or asymmetric threats, and in this context both Parties emphasize their determination to continue to develop within both international and regional organizations multilateral as well as bilateral cooperation.

The Parties, underlining their commitment to “The Montreux Convention Regarding the Regime of Turkish Straits” of 20 July 1936 and their international obligations concerning safety of navigation and protection of environment, and reaffirming the importance of ensuring safety of life, property, environment and navigation as well as preserving the principles of freedom of passage and navigation, state the significance of the continuation of regular consultations to further improve maritime relations between the two countries.

The Parties, emphasizing that the “Convention for the Protection of the Black Sea against Pollution” signed in 21 April 1992 between the coastal states is the basic cooperation platform that is established to protect the Black Sea environment through joint efforts, declare their determination to strengthen the cooperation under the Convention and effective utilization of existing cooperation mechanisms.

The Republic of Turkey and the Russian Federation emphasize their strong belief that, by putting into practice the issues included in this Joint Declaration, current relations and cooperation between the two countries will reach a new level which will define a new period of multi-dimensional partnership between the Republic of Turkey and the Russian Federation.

Done in Moscow, on 13 February 2009, in Turkish and Russian languages in two copies.