Joint Communique Given By Turkish And Jordan Sides During;Mr. İsmail Cem´s Official Visit to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan March 3, 1998

On 26-27 February 1998, His Excellency Mr. Ismail Cem, Minister Of Foreign Affairs Of The Republic Of Turkey Paid An Official Visit To The Hashemite Kingdom Of Jordan.

During The Visit His Excellency Ismail Cem Was Received By His Majesty King Hussein Bin Talal And Had Talks With His Royal Highness Crown Prince Hassan Bin Talal And Prime Minister Dr. Abdul Salam Majali And The Deputy Prime Minister And Foreign Minister Dr. Jawad Anani.

His Excellency Mr. Ismail Cem's Visit To Jordan Gave The Two Sides An Opportunity To Exchange Views On Bilateral And Regional Issues.

Both Sides Underlined Their Satisfaction For The Rapid Development Of The Relations Between Turkey And Jordan Based On Deep Rooted Cultural And Historical Ties Between Their Two Peoples.

The Parties Expressed That Further Development Of Their Already Close Relations Would Benefit Both Their Countries And Peoples As Well As The Entire Region And Constitute A Very Important Element For Regional Peace, Stability, Cooperation And Prdsperity.

The Two Sides Agreed On The Need To Further Improve The Economic Relations Between Their Countries And Decided To Take The Necessary Steps To Diversify And Increase The Volume Of Their Bilateral Trade And Explore Concrete Projects To Prdmote Their Economic Cooperation.

Both Sides Also Stressed The Importance Of Cultural Exchange In Order To Deepen Their Mutual Understanding And Enhance Regional Security.

The Two Sides Acknowledged The Importance Of The Middle East Peace Process And Expressed Their Continuing Support For Its Progress Towards The Establishment Of Just, Lasting And Comprehensive Peace In The Region. The Two Sides Underlined Their Concern Regarding The Current Impasse Faced In The Middle East Peace Process.

Turkey And Jordan Expressed Their Firm Belief And Hope That The Parties To The Middle East Peace Process Should Endeavor To Overcome The Current Impasse And Fulfill Their Commitments. Both Sides Emphasized The Need For The Israeli Government To Take The Necessary Steps To Help Putting The Peace Process Back On Tracr And To Expedite The Implementation Of The Agreements It Had Entered Into With The Pna. They Agreed That The Early Reactivation Of The Middle East Peace Process Would Contribute To Stability And Peace In The Region.

Both Sides Expressed Their Views That The Improvement Of The Economic Situation Of Palestine Will Contribute To Stability In The Region. The Two Foreign Ministers Stressed That The Steps Taren In The Middle East Peace Process Should Contribute To Raise The Living Standards Of The Palestinians. The Two Sides Believe That The International Community Is Obliged To Take The Necessary Measures In This Direction.

Turkey And Jordan Exchanged Views On The Situation In Iraq. Both Sides Have Expressed Satisfaction That The Crisis Between The Un And Iraq Has Been Defused Through Diplomatic Means Without Further Escalation. The Two Ministers Expressed Their Appreciation Over The Initiative Taken By Various Countries And In Particular The Role Of The Un Secretary General Whose Good Offices And Personal Efforts Have Been Instrumental In Obtaining An Acceptable Solution.

They Emphasized The Vital Importance Of The Preservation Of The Territorial Integrity And Political Unity Of Iraq.

The Two Sides Reiterated Their View That The Only Way To Prevent The Recurrence Of Such Crises Would He Iraq's Full And Unconditional Compliance With The Un Security Council Resolutions. Within This Framework, The Parties Reiterated The

Importance Of Iraq's Full Cooperation With The United Nations Special Commission Which Would Encourage The International Community To Endeavor Towards Bringing Solutions To The Problems That Have Occurred Since The Gulf War.

Turkey And Jordan Appreciated The Adoption, By The Security Council, Of The Resolution N0:1153 Increasing The Amount Of Petroleum That Can Be Exported By Iraq And The Quantity And Types Of The Supplies To Be Imported.

The Two Sides Expressed Their Desire That Crises Similar To The One That Has Been Experienced Between Iraq And The Un Should Not Recur. To This End The Neighbors Of Iraq Should Consider Developing A Scheme For Gradual Normalization Of The Situation Around Iraq To Be Implemented In Line With Iraq's Cooperation With The International Community In Order To Promote Conditions For Security, Safety, Stability, And Prosperity In The Region.

The Jordanian Side Welcomed Turkey's Neighborly Peace Initiative Set Forth By The Turkish Foreign Minister During His Visit To Baghdad On 4-5 February 1998, Envisaging An Arrangement For Iraq And Its Neighbors, Consisting Of Following Components:

- An Arrangement For Iraq And All Its Neighbors For Regional Security And Cooperation Comprising Confidence And Security Huilding Measures, Not Excluding An Institutionalized Framework.

- An Initiative Aiming At Establishing A Zone Free Of Mass Destruction Weapons And Their Delivery Systems In The Middle East As Envisaged In Unsc Resolution 687 And The Jordan-Israel Peace Treaty Of 1994.

- Support For Efforts Which Would Facilitate The Lifting Of All Economic Sanctions On The Iraqi People.

- A Sequential Plan Which Would Assure The Security Of The Entire Iraqi Population And Enabling Iraq To Exercise Its Sovereignty Over Its Territory.

The Peaceful Resolution Of The Iraqi Crisis And The Reintegration Of Iraq In The International Community Should Be Enhanced By A Comprehensive Review Of Security And Cooperation In The Middle East Region As A Whole. The Helsinki Process Intra-Regional Security Mechanisms And Conflict Resolution Centre Should Be Introduced To The Region Wtth The Full Consensus Of The Regional States And International Community.

Turkey And Jordan Consider That This Initiative Could Constitute A Sound Basis For Solving Issues Pending From The Gulf War. To This End, Both Stdes Agreed To Make Every Effort To Convene A Neighbourhood Forum For The Realization Of The Above Mentioned Four Points And To Coordinate Their Efforts With Other Regional And Interested States.

Both Sides, Reiterated The Importance Of Establishing Appropriate Mechanisms And Expandtng Contacts At All Levels For Consultations On Bilateral And Regional Issues. In This Vein, They Agreed To Arrange Meetings At Senior Officials Level Every Two Months Or At Any Time One Of Them Deem It Necessary In Order T0 Review Developments In Their Bilateral Relations, Their Contributions To The Middle East Peace Process And Progress Towards The Establishment Of The Neighbourhood Forum.

His Excellency Ismail Cem Thanked For The Warm Hospitality Accorded To Him And His Delegation And Invited His Excellency Dr. Jawad Anani To Visit Turkey. The Invitation Was Accepted With Thanks. The Dates Of This Visit Will Be Fixed Through Diplomatic Channels.