Information note for the press regarding the recent developments with the Netherlands, 13 March 2017

Distinguished members of the press,

As regards the recent developments with the Netherlands, the Dutch Charge d’Affairs Mr. Daan Feddo Huisinga in Ankara was summoned to our Ministry on 11 March 2017 at 15.30 pm. At this meeting, cancellation of the flight permission for the envisaged visit to the Netherlands of Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, thus prevention of his meeting with our citizens and Consuls General in the Netherlands were protested. The demand for the Dutch Ambassador to Turkey, who is currently on leave, not to return to his post for a while was also conveyed at the meeting.

Later, upon the instruction of Foreign Minister Çavuşoğlu, the Dutch Charge d’Affairs Mr.Huisinga was resummoned to our Ministry on the morning of 12 March at 05.00 am. in order to protest the treatment that our Minister of Family and Social Policies Mrs. Fatma Betül Sayan Kaya was subject to, which does not comply with the diplomatic norms, and to condemn the treatment towards our Charge d’Affairs in the Hague and our Consuls General in Deventer and in Rotterdam, who were accompanying the Minister.

The Dutch Charge d’Affairs Mr.Huisinga was summoned again to our Ministry third time this morning (13 March) at 10.00 am. and two Notes Verbale were given to him by our Deputy Undersecretary, Ambassador Mr. Mehmet Kemal Bozay.

In the first Note Verbale , it has been emphasized that treatment towards our Minister of Family and Social Policies Mrs. Fatma Betül Sayan Kaya, who visited the Netherlands to come together with the Turkish citizens on 11 March 2017, and our diplomatic and consular missions and their members constitutes a flagrant violation of the Vienna Convention on the Diplomatic Relations (1961) and Vienna Convention on the Consular Relations (1963).

Observing the diplomatic courtesy and the immunities of the diplomatic/consular missions and their members has been one of the fundamental principles of the diplomacy throughout the history. The onus is on the receiving state to show due respect to the Minister and members of diplomatic/consular missions and to prevent any attack on their personal freedom and dignity.

In this context, the treatments, which do not comply with the courtesy and international norms, were strongly condemned and the expectation for an official written apology from the Netherlands was underlined as to these treatments.

In the Note Verbale, we put forward our request for the Dutch authorities to investigate these violations and to execute all judicial, administrative and penal enforcements for the people who have responsibility in these violations and to inform our Ministry about the outcome without renouncing our rights to compensation.

Furthermore, written confirmation was demanded from the Dutch authorities that they will respect the rights, immunities and exemptions of all high-level/state officials visiting the Netherlands and our diplomatic and consular missions, their members, their properties including the movable and immovable ones, deriving from the relevant international conventions.

In the second Note Verbale , it was underlined that the Dutch security authorities disproportionally intervened against persons using their right of peaceful assembly during the incidents of last weekend. It was also stressed that Turkish community and our citizens were subjected to ill-treatment by the Dutch security authorities, who resorted to inhumane and insulting methods.

It was stressed that these measures constitute a severe violation of fundamental human rights, the obligations emanating from the European Convention on Human Rights and international responsibilities defined in the relevant conventions. Status of our citizens harmed by this intervention was inquired.

On the other hand, it was stressed that the denial of access for our citizens who wanted to visit the Turkish Consulate General in Rotterdam during this incident runs against relevant international treaties and diplomatic custom. Besides, it was underlined that the freedom of and the right to disseminate information of our press members, who were following these events, was again violated by disproportional use of force.

In the end, the identification of those law-enforcement personnel who mistreated our citizens and disregarded the right of peaceful assembly and freedom of press was asked from the Dutch authorities. It was also demanded that necessary judicial steps be taken for penalizing the persons responsible.