Greek Cypriot’s Unilateral Activities in The Eastern Mediterranean

Greek Cypriot Administration’s unilateral activities in the Eastern Mediterranean

Since 2003, the Greek Cypriots have been pursuing an adventurous policy in the Eastern Mediterranean through concluding maritime delimitation agreements and conducting oil/gas exploration and issuing permits for such activities around the Island.


First of all, the Greek Cypriot Administration does not represent in law or in fact the Turkish Cypriots and Cyprus as a whole. As such, the Greek Cypriot Administration is not entitled to negotiate and conclude international agreements as well as adopt laws regarding the exploitation of natural resources on behalf of the entire island.


This provocative policy compromises and prejudges the Turkish Cypriots’ existing and inherent equal rights over the natural resources of the island and the sea areas of the Island of Cyprus.


Türkiye’s position is very clear: this issue should be a part of the comprehensive settlement in Cyprus.


Turkish and Greek Cypriots should benefit jointly from the Island’s natural resources.


In fact this was the understanding prevailing in the UN Comprehensive Settlement Plan of 2004.  Accordingly this issue had been left to the decision of joint parliament of the new partnership government.


These unilateral activities have a direct bearing on the ongoing settlement negotiations and adverse effect to the atmosphere between the two sides.


 The Greek Cypriot unilateral actions do not only disregard Turkish Cypriots’ existing rights but also challenge Türkiye’s maritime jurisdiction areas in the Mediterranean in the west of the Island.

Apart from the issue of Cyprus, Türkiye has legitimate and legal rights existing in the Eastern Mediterranean particularly to the west of longitude 32° 16’ 18”E which have been registered to the UN. It is only natural that Türkiye will protect its rights in its maritime jurisdiction areas.