Foreign Minister Davutoğlu meets Arshad Salihi, Head of Iraqi Turkmen Front
Foreign Minister Davutoğlu meets Arshad Salihi, Head of Iraqi Turkmen Front

On June 23, 2014, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ahmet Davutoğlu met with Arshad Salihi, Head of Iraqi Turkmen Front and his accompanying delegation.

Speaking at the joint press conference following the meeting Foreign Minister Davutoğlu said that they held consultations on four main issues.

Foreign Minister Davutoğlu, on humanitarian aid, said that it is Turkey’s responsibility to meet the humanitarian needs of Iraqi Turkmens and all Iraqi people and Turkey has always fulfilled this responsibility. Foreign Minister Davutoğlu added that the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency, Turkish Red Crescent and all other relevant institutions have immediately mobilized with a view to providing assistance to the Iraqi people.

Highlighting the importance of the unity among Turkmens who are integral component of Iraq, Foreign Minister Davutoğlu stated that any distinction of Shia and Sunni among Turkmens should be avoided.

Emphasizing that in the light of recent developments in the region, for Iraqi Turkmens who live in a critical zone it is very important to develop good relations with all other ethnic groups within Iraq, Foreign Minister Davutoğlu said “We want Kirkuk to be a city of peace where all groups in Iraq live together”.

Stating that they addressed the Iraqi elections as well, Foreign Minister Davutoğlu underlined that the recent developments in the region point out the need for a new beginning and added that it is of significance for the future and stability of Iraq that Iraqi Turkmens have their well-deserved place in this new beginning.

On the other hand, President of Iraqi Turkmen Front, Arshad Salihi thanked Foreign Minister Davutoğlu for receiving the ITF delegation and stated that Turkmens are a part of not only Iraq but the whole Middle East. Al-Salihi said that Iraq’s territorial integrity is in the interest of all groups in Iraq.