Foreign Minister Davutoğlu and the Ambassadors in Adana
Foreign Minister Davutoğlu and the Ambassadors in Adana

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Ahmet Davutoğlu delivered a speech as part of the Sixth Ambassadors Conference in Adana on January 18, 2014.

Highlighted that Adana is a pioneer city with the roles it assumed down the ages during the dynamic course of Turkish history, Foreign Minister Davutoğlu said that Turkey has experienced a significant growth in the last ten years, political movements which are able to benefit from their own geographies, histories, places and times during historical transformations achieve a significant breakthrough.

Foreign Minister Davutoğlu emphasized that Turkey, in the center of Afro-Eurasia where the history flows, is actively present with its strong democracy, dynamic economy and effective diplomacy.

Stressing that in Turkey, problems of one sole citizen come to the fore, since even one person is of significant importance in democracies; Foreign Minister Davutoğlu stated that in authoritarian regimes such as Syria where 150 thousand people were killed, people are valueless.

Underlining that states which value human being is appreciated in the world, Foreign Minister Davutoğlu recalled that Turkey saved its 178 citizens kidnapped abroad under very difficult conditions.

Pointing out that considering the historical transition witnessed lately in the Mediterranean basin, the economic crisis from Greece to Iceland, large scale dynamism from Afghanistan to Morocco, Turkey in the midst of all these developments outshines with its stability, Foreign Minister Davutoğlu said that some may feel disturbed by the level Turkey has reached, but the rise of Turkey is a historic matter of fact.

“Caravan hits the road and it will arrive to its destination” said Foreign Minister Davutoğlu and emphasized that destination in diplomacy will not be reached unless Turkish flag waves all around world.